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Finding Christian Spiritual Direction in Cleveland

Journeying with Jesus means we’re continually moving toward becoming healthy, whole, flourishing followers. As the Holy Spirit nurtures us into becoming who God is creating us to be, we’re invited to respond. We take time to care for our soul and nourish our spirit.

We slow down and enter into quiet spaces for God to fill.

The way isn’t always clear and direct. Sometimes it’s full of joy and invitation; sometimes we feel dry and stuck. We offer our community resources to help thrive and grow across all of life’s seasons.

What Is Spiritual Direction?

In spiritual direction we carve out a space where we can more attentively notice and nurture how Jesus is speaking and leading in your daily life. We’re discerning the direction that God is creating in you.

For thousands of years, Christians have met with spiritual directors to grow in wisdom, to discern difficult decisions, to navigate through deserts and dark nights, and to follow God’s lead into deeper, more intimate experiences of prayer and worship.

The goal is to grow in love.

Conversations with a spiritual director are usually one hour, once a month. Your spiritual director will listen compassionately, ask questions, invite reflection and notice God’s presence with you.

There will be times of silence, and that’s OK. A lot can happen in silence.

In some ways, it may simply look like the most intent, focused, one-sided conversation you’ve ever had with a friend—because that’s who your spiritual director is: a soul friend.

Spiritual direction can be for absolutely everyone who’s willing to make a commitment to pray.

  • Anyone trying to grow in awareness of God
  • Anyone looking to make a big decision
  • Anyone hoping to explore a new dimension or chapter of their relationship with God
  • Anyone attempting to navigate a dry season when it feels hard to see or hear from God
  • Anyone trying to discern what God is calling you to and how to respond

You don’t have to be a monk, you don’t have to be facing a crossroads, and you don’t even have to have any particular decision to discern.

If you have some desire that’s moving in you right now, whether or not you’re moving with it, God might be inviting you to explore spiritual direction.

Spiritual directors are sometimes called a “spiritual friend” or a “soul companion.” They journey alongside you, lovingly and attentively, to help notice and nurture the unique relationship God is continually inviting you into.

Our spiritual directors have years of training specifically for this ministry.

The classic image is of a midwife. Your spiritual director won’t “make” anything happen. God is already at work in you, bringing something to term. Your spiritual director’s role is to support, encourage and accompany you through the challanges of labor and the joy of birth. They hold your hand, help you to push through the breaths, and stay by your side while a miracle happens on its own.

Does Spiritual Direction Cost Anything?

Traditionally, directees offer a small gift for two purposes. One is for their director’s time and continuing education. The other is to put “skin in the game.”

We tend to form priorities where we’re making a small sacrifice.

In that spirit, $50 per appointment is standard but should never be prohibitive. You’re encouraged to pray about this and can always discuss alternative arrangements with your spiritual director.

How Can I Get a Taste of Spiritual Direction?

Our spiritual directors are happy to have a loose, introductory conversation with you so you can get a better feel.

We also encourage you to check out our quarterly creative prayer experiences, CREATE_SPACE, where you can “try on” contemplative Christian practices like lectio divina, meditation on Scripture and imaginative prayer.

Get Connected With a Spiritual Director

You don’t have to select a spiritual director now. You don’t even have to be sure about this whole “spiritual direction” thing. But if you might be feeling an invitation to “lean in,” let us know so we can get you connected and begin the conversation.

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How Do I Get Connected?

We’re excited to have you visit, and if you feel any leading to keep hanging out, we want you to be connected. Here’s what that looks like.

What Ministry Does CTK Do?

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How Can I Join a Small Group?

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What Does CTK Believe?

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