Sunday Mornings

Birth – 18 months | Sweetpeas

10:00am Service

From the first months a child’s journey, we’re building trust with parents and trust with other children.

18 months – 3 years | Seedlings

10:00am Service

Building on the first year-and-a-half, we’re developing confidence in teachers, in our own abilities and in church as a safe place.

3 years – kindergarten | Sprouts

10:00am Service

On the way from toddling to kindergarten, we’re building an understanding that God loves me, God made me and God wants to be my friend.

kindergarten – 3rd grade | Treehouse

10:00am Service

By school age, we’re forming relationships with healthy role models and with Jesus and relating faith principles to the world around us.

4th grade – 5th grade | Ignite

10:00am Service

As children transition from elementary school to middle school, we empower them to see their place in the church, in the Kingdom of God and in the world.

6th grade – 8th grade | Creed

10:00am Service

In middle school, we’re building the foundations of our faith and putting it into practice in extra-curricular events and service opportunities.

How Do I Get Connected?

We’re excited to have you visit, and if you feel any leading to keep hanging out, we want you to be connected. Here’s what that looks like.

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What Ministry
Does CTK Do?

All of us are called to and created for ministry. Some of it’s in our daily lives, and some of it we do together. See where we put faith to practice.

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How Can I Join
a Small Group?

Church happens on more than Sundays. Being part of a community is about sharing life together, and we invite you to share life with us.

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What Does
CTK Believe?

Beliefs are important because our convictions shape how we live. What we believe and how we live is ultimately determined by what we love.

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