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The Apostle Paul wrote, “But one thing I do…” This “one thing” changes our worldview, our motives, everything! This “one thing” enables us to approach all other important things without becoming gripped by anxiety and fear.

Do you need encouragement today? I think you will find today’s devotional encouraging and affirming, because of something we have been given that is of great worth!

CTK Youth welcomes those “moving-up” from Ignite (4th-5th grade ministry) to CTK YOUTH (Middle and High School ministries) Also included is an honorable mention to our graduating Highschool Seniors of 2020. Listen in…

Pastor Dwight talks about our June 21 outdoor service and a new opportunity to bless those working in a nursing home.

There is a lot happening in our world right now. In our nation, we see division and disunity. We live in a culture that is very polarizing. In every generation, there have been divisive issues and conflicts.

Pastor Dwight and Mandy talk about our upcoming Parking Lot Service and news about the Learning Center.

God’s grace is evident when our love is displayed through our gifts. Grace not only frees us from our sins, but it frees us from ourselves. The grace of God opens our hearts as well as our hands. Giving is an act of love and a response to grace. This week we look at the…

Pastor Dwight gives an update on what is going on this week at the church.

One of our fears in life is being worried that our needs will not be met. If we are afraid of our own needs not being met, then we will be reluctant to put the needs of others above our own. In Philippians, Paul tells us, “In humility value others above ourselves, not looking to…

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