Midweek Devotional #15

The Apostle Paul wrote, “But one thing I do…” This “one thing” changes our worldview, our motives, everything! This “one thing” enables us to approach all other important things without […]

Midweek Devotional #14

Do you need encouragement today? I think you will find today’s devotional encouraging and affirming, because of something we have been given that is of great worth!

CTK YOUTH Move up Welcome 2020 & Graduating Seniors

CTK Youth welcomes those “moving-up” from Ignite (4th-5th grade ministry) to CTK YOUTH (Middle and High School ministries) Also included is an honorable mention to our graduating Highschool Seniors of […]

Communique 6.12.2020

Pastor Dwight talks about our June 21 outdoor service and a new opportunity to bless those working in a nursing home.

Midweek Devotional #13

There is a lot happening in our world right now. In our nation, we see division and disunity. We live in a culture that is very polarizing. In every generation, […]

Communique 5/28/2020

Pastor Dwight and Mandy talk about our upcoming Parking Lot Service and news about the Learning Center.

Midweek Devotional #11

God’s grace is evident when our love is displayed through our gifts. Grace not only frees us from our sins, but it frees us from ourselves. The grace of God […]

Midweek Devotional #10

One of our fears in life is being worried that our needs will not be met. If we are afraid of our own needs not being met, then we will […]