The Good Life: Living The Life God Created Me To Live
Good Life logo smallWhat is the Good Life?
Jesus tells his followers that he came to give them abundant life—the good life. Sadly, few people experience the life Jesus intended. Everywhere we look, we find competing ideas of what the good life is. For some, the good life is the dream of financial security and wealth. For others, it’s fulfillment in life, doing the things they have always dreamed of doing. While these aren’t necessarily bad things, Jesus teaches that the true good life is this: Living The Life God Created You to Live.

We will discover who we are made to be and what we are optimally designed to do for every age group.  Our Sunday sermons, small groups, children's ministry, and youth will align each week.

Small Groups
We are offering small groups that meet at different times and places that will supplement the Sunday teaching each week, with a video and discussion designed specifically for this series. Signup to join a small group for just 6 weeks!

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Small Group Leader Resources
Small Group Leaders and HOSTs can pick up a book at the church as well as a DVD containing all six videos, or you can view the videos online at:

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