CTK Legacy Fund
legacy fund
It is our joy as Christians to respond to God’s love and mercy through our gifts . Your gift to the Christ the King Vineyard Church Legacy Endowment Fund assures continued creative growth Christian ministry, and is a gift to the future of the church.

The CTK Legacy Fund enhances our ministry apart from the general operations of the congregation.

What is the purpose of the CTK Legacy Fund?

The CTK Legacy Fund is an endowment fund that provides the means for people to express special gratitude to God for blessings they have received. The principal is held permanently and only the earnings are used to fund ministry. As a result, a gift to the Fund endures forever.

What is the CTK Legacy Fund income used for?
To extend the mission of the church by supporting opportunities for ministy beyond the usual general operations of the church.

Who manages the fund?
The fund investments are managed by In His Steps Foundation under direction of the CTK Endowment Fund Committee. The committee is composed of: A finance committee member, two elders, one member from the general congregation.

Are gifts tax deductible?
Yes. Gifts to the CTK Legacy Fund qualify as charitable donations. Several kinds of gifts allow you to continue to use the donated property or receive income during your life, and still receive a tax donation. A savings in inheritance and estate taxes may also be possible.

How do I make a Legacy Fund gift?
Checks and title to donated property or securities should be made in the name of "Christ the King Church Legacy Fund."

What types of gifts are possible?
Cash or Check

Real Estate, Stock, Bonds & Mutual Funds
Real property, stocks or bonds as direct contribution (to avoid capital gain tax).

Life Insurance
By naming the Fund as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you can make a sizeable gift at a small cost, and at the same time realize tax savings. Paid up policies, existing policies or specially purchased policies may be used.

Life Income Agreement or Charitable Gift Annuity
This plan can be good for older donors. It guarantees a life income to the donor, and minimizes estate tax burdens. Upon death the remainder becomes a gift to the Legacy Fund.

Estate Bequests

Naming the Fund as the Beneficiary for donations
In honor of wedding, anniversary or a loved one’s death

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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