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Visiting Us at Christ the King Vineyard

Visiting a church can be any number of experiences. We really want you to feel at home with us because church needs to be the place where you can be yourself. No perfect kids. No one to impress. Grab some coffee with us, and join in what feels comfortable to you.

Here’s what it looks like when you visit the first time.

1. Park Anywhere

When you see our brick building, you can enter from Lorain, Charles, or Barton Roads., you can park anywhere. We have disability parking, and otherwise there are no assigned spots. Alongside the building, behind, whatever’s convenient. Our main entrance is under the covered drive, but any door will take you inside.

2. Come on Inside

Through the main doors under the covered entrance, you will find a friendly face to open the door for you and greet you with a smile. Once inside you will notice coffee and coat racks to your right. Take a couple of minutes to pour yourself a cup of tea or locally roasted coffee, hang up your coat, and settle in.

Bring the kids! Just past the coffee counter on the left is the KidsMin Check-in Kiosk. We put a lot of care into providing age-appropriate programming for our kids, and all of our children’s ministry volunteers undergo a thorough background check. Volunteers at these kiosks will be ready to help you check-in if you have children from toddlers age to fifth grade. Check-in lets us know important things like who’s allowed to pick them up and if they have any allergies. The kiosks will be available 15 minutes before the service starts (10:00am).

3. Stop by the Connection Center

If you have time, stop by our Connection Center before you head up the stairs or access the elevator to the sanctuary. This will be right across from the sanctuary steps and has information on life groups and service opportunities. After the service, please let us say hello and give you a small welcome gift as a first-time visitor. There is a guest table by the Connection Center. Come, take a thank you mug, and say hello. We promise not to make you feel awkward!

4. Worship With Us (10:00am)

When we get together as a community, we love to celebrate with music. Sometimes we do this with joy and excitement. Sometimes we do it with heavy hearts. We do it together because we believe singing to God is one of the most authentic ways we can connect.

After a few songs, one of our pastors or a guest speaker will teach a message, which is like a conversation starter for our community for the week. Usually, there’s a lot of storytelling, some decent jokes, and a message of hope and grace for all of us.

Finally, we’ll spend a little more time worshipping with music and praying quietly to the side for anyone who wants prayer.

How Do I Get Connected?

We’re excited to have you visit, and if you feel any leading to keep hanging out, we want you to be connected. Here’s what that looks like.

What Ministry Does CTK Do?

All of us are called to and created for ministry. Some of it’s in our daily lives, and some of it we do together. See where we put faith to practice.

How Can I Join a Life Group?

Church happens on more than Sundays. Being part of a community is about sharing life together, and we invite you to share life with us.

What Does CTK Believe?

Beliefs are important because our convictions shape how we live. What we believe and how we live is ultimately determined by what we love.