Practical Christian Living
Practical Christian Living is a discipling program that provides a well balanced mix of biblical wisdom, sound theology, and practical life skills. 

This course was created for committed, teachable believers and consists of twenty sessions. Groups are lead by a trained mentor and up to 10 Practical Christian Livingpeople of the same gender. Each group has the freedom to agree on their own meeting time and location. Upon completion of this course, group members will have the ability to lead their own practical Christian living group.

Practical Christian Living lessons usually include a scripture memory verse, discussion questions, and application questions, with the main emphasis being application and life change.

If you are interested in joining a Practical Christian Living group, or if you have questions about Practical Christian Living, please use our contact page or call the church office at (440) 777-3333 ex.125 and speak with Pastor Marc Maddox.

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