Marriage Ministry
Marriage is a lifelong commitment that is filled with challenges, joy, memorable moments, and sometimes hardships.

MarriageRegardless of the season your marriage is in, it is always important to put time aside to re-kindle, repair, and enjoy your relationship.

At Christ the King our marriage ministry is connected with Family Life and run by Dave and Jane Rossiter.

Family Life is a multi-media ministry that has useful online articles, guidance, advice, e-mentors, seminars and more. Material found on the Family Life website is relevant, helpful, and applicable to everyday life.

In addition to their educational material, Family Life also offers annual events such as marriage seminars and week end getaways.

For more information about upcoming marriage events, how to get involved in our marriage ministry, or for questions about this ministry, please use our contact page or call the church office at (440) 777-3333 and leave a message for Dave or Jane Rossiter.


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