As parents we work really hard to develop our children’s minds at school, develop their bodies in sports, but how much time do we devote to developing their spirits? At Christ the King Vineyard, we have created the Rooted discipleship program to address that need.

We meet every Wednesday from 6:30pm-8pm. Parents will check their kids in at the kiosks in the lobby and the bring them to the sanctuary where they will join their class for fun praise songs, silly skits and games all pointing to a central theme bringing them deeper in their faith.

After the large group time, the children split into their gender and age specific classes. The girls use the Missionettes curriculum and the boys use the Royal Ranger Curriculum. Both groups foster deep discussion about the word of God, emphasize Bible memorization and help build deep and lasting friendships with other kids and mentoring relationship with trusted leaders.

Activities such as camping, overnights, retreats and field trips help to make this experience engaging and fun for kids and their families.

Please note that all children ministries volunteers undergo a criminal background check, and we take protecting our children seriously.

If you would like to volunteer in one of our children ministries, or if you have additional questions about our children's ministries, please use our contact form and leave a message for our Director of Children’s Ministries, Rebekah Kerney.

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