Christ the King ministries are both numerous and diverse, ranging from small, personal groups, to large globally reaching ministries.

Our mission at Christ the King is to "Be and Build Spiritually and Emotionally Healthy Followers of Christ". We work toward our mission by walking out the "Three C's", which are being "Committed to Christ", "Connected Together", and "Compelled to Serve". Each of the ministries that we offer falls under one of these three categories.

to Christ

Pairing Faith with Action

CTK Ministries, young man reading BibleMinistries located under our "Committed" section, include ministries that focus on introducing others to Jesus and cultivating personal growth. Also listed here are multiple opportunities for volunteers to commit their time and talents to the church. These volunteer positions include things like hospitality, greeters, sound techs, and other integral parts that create the functioning aspect of our church.


Connected Together

Authentic Grace Filled Fellowship

Connected Together, person's hand on top of another'sMinistries located under our "Connected" section, include fellowship opportunities. Many of these groups focus on a specific need, gender, or age group. These groups offer support, encouragement, accountability, and friendship. Examples of ministries found in this section include our "Mothers of Pre-Schoolers" group, Men's Addiction group "Pure Victory", our 50+ group "Sterling Silver", and many more.


to Serve

Locally and Globally

Ministries located under our "Compelled" section, include multiple diverse ministries that focus on specific needs, such as hunger, or poverty. These ministries include serving others in our church body, meeting the local need of our community, serving out nation, and helping others around the world.


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