What We Love

Who We Are & What We Believe
Is What We Love

We exist to partner with Christ to form caring communities that encounter God meaningfully, love others genuinely, and disciple faithfully.

God’s Living Word

For us, the Bible is the foundation and final authority for all issues around the life of faith. It’s our primary source for belief and for what we practice. It’s also where we regularly encounter Jesus through the Holy Spirit in ways that draw us closer to the Father.

Spiritual Formation

We desire to be healthy, whole, flourishing followers of Jesus. As the Holy Spirit nurtures us into becoming who God is creating us to be, we’re invited to respond and grow. As we journey closer with Jesus, God’s image and love is made clearer and brighter in us.

Compassion & Justice

We love responding compassionately and creatively to the needs around us. We love working with God’s people and Spirit against injustice and for mercy. So we strive to stay aligned with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit as we live out the Gospel’s social realities.

Member Mobilization

We believe God gives each of us distinct gifts, abilities and passions to serve others, build up the community and advance the Kingdom on earth. We also believe discovering, cultivating and using these gifts makes us more human, more fulfilled, more alive.

Passionate Faith & Experience

We experience the Holy Spirit daily in an invitation to adventure. As Jesus captures our hearts and imaginations, we desire to be people who live naturally supernatural lives—lives of vibrant, passionate worship, prayer and service.

The Radical Middle

We like walking in the both/and. So we try to be a church that holds to the Bible, is empowered by the Spirit, and responds with social action. We believe we need each of these strands woven together to be faithful, effective followers of Jesus.

Authenticity & Transparency

We want to be the kind of people who show up as ourselves and give ourselves courageously. As a community, we’re always striving toward greater openness and acceptance in our journey toward wholeness in Jesus.

Communities of Grace

We believe that grace is where transformation happens, so we work to create spaces and relationships of grace for absolutely everyone. We want that to make us an ethnically, generationally, socioeconomically diverse community of faith.

Our Vineyard Tribe

We’re also part of an international movement of churches called the Vineyard. The Vineyard’s core values find different expression for different churches in different cultures and different contexts, and they also unify us as a single diverse community.

How Do I Get Connected?

We’re excited to have you visit, and if you feel any leading to keep hanging out, we want you to be connected. Here’s what that looks like.

What Ministry Does CTK Do?

All of us are called to and created for ministry. Some of it’s in our daily lives, and some of it we do together. See where we put faith to practice.

How Can I Join a Small Group?

Church happens on more than Sundays. Being part of a community is about sharing life together, and we invite you to share life with us.

What Does CTK Believe?

Beliefs are important because our convictions shape how we live. What we believe and how we live is ultimately determined by what we love.