Hands raised in worship

Connect on Sunday

We’re made to be connected to community. So step one, hang out with us. Visit us on a Sunday morning. See what we’re about, and let us meet you. We’re more complete as a community when you join us.

Connect in Your Week

Then, connect to a life group. These are where we share life together—with neighbors or people in common stages of life or people completely different from us. They might be Bible studies or hangouts or discussion groups; they usually involve food.

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Connect by Serving

One of our big values it that “everybody gets to play.” Serving isn’t just for professional ministers—Church is something we’re all a part of, and we really find our place when begin using our gifts and joys to serve. Sunday mornings happen because of people who volunteer on our teams to greet, make coffee, serve communion and more.

Once you consider Christ the King your home, where might you be invited to serve?

Connect in Ministry

Another way we connect is through ministries throughout the week—whether we’re caring for others and forming relationships, caring for ourselves or deepening our relationship with God. We want our ministries to reflect our values of compassionate ministry on the margins and reconciling people with God and creation.

How Do I Get Connected?

We’re excited to have you visit, and if you feel any leading to keep hanging out, we want you to be connected. Here’s what that looks like.

What Ministry Does CTK Do?

All of us are called to and created for ministry. Some of it’s in our daily lives, and some of it we do together. See where we put faith to practice.

How Can I Join a Small Group?

Church happens on more than Sundays. Being part of a community is about sharing life together, and we invite you to share life with us.

What Does CTK Believe?

Beliefs are important because our convictions shape how we live. What we believe and how we live is ultimately determined by what we love.