The resources listed here focus on finances, budgeting, tithing, managing debt, and being good stewards of what we are given.
Personal Finances
CTK - Crown Financial MinistriesCrown Financial is a non-profit organization that teaches God's biblical principles of finances to people around the world.

This ministry offers multiple ways for people to learn about, and take control of, their finances, including Budget Coaches, materials for small groups and individual bible studies, and useful products.

One of their most well known and successful methods used among Christians is the "Money Map" and cash based "Envelope" system.

If you would like to learn more about Crown Financial, or if you have questions about this ministry, please visit their website.
Finances/Budgeting/Debt Management
CTK - Personal MentorThere are several members here at Christ the King who are professional accountants, and willing to provide their expertise to those in need.

If you are seeking professional advice regarding your finances, or if you are seeking a financial mentor, please contact the church through our contact form, or call the church office at (440)777-3333 to arrange an appointment.

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